Friday, March 26, 2010

Chaos is a General Thing

Re Healthcare -
My "Improved Medicare for all!" guy, Don McCanne (, reports that:

Comment: Those individuals with good incomes and who have employer-sponsored health plans should not be complacent, but should be very concerned for the following reasons:

* The largest increases in the financial burden of health care have been occurring amongst middle- and higher-income people

* Among those with employer-sponsored private insurance, 18.4 percent face a high financial burden (spending over 10 percent of income on health care)

I'm inclined to accept this, since Don McCanne is not an apologist for the rich, and is moreover a confirmed universal healthcare proponent.

But this surprises me - the corporations soaking the middle- and upper-income brackets re healthcare costs? Progressive taxation by the corporations? Hmmmmm. Of course the rich can manage it (with good or bad grace), but that shrinking middle class is in more trouble.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Guilty I am, of goldbricking today. "Must ... get back ... to ... work!" I chant mentally as I watch myself type away - my harmonia animae is out of kilter, or rather my proper ingenium is worming its way out as laziness or something similar.

And so - Farewell, Trent! Your term runs for ages, mine for only a bit longer, Earthly in years as I am....