Friday, March 21, 2014


Found an inexpensive copy of Conquering Sword of Conan - third book of the tales, as published by Ballantine/Del Rey.

Took it up at bed last night, chose to re-read "Black Stranger".

I feel a little clunkiness in the writing, but only a little. In general once again, Howard evokes, engages, focuses, realizes his characters so very well. And all the way through I mused on my youthful fascination with these manifestos of the manly, the muscular, the violent - these testosterone-driven ideals.

"Ideals" is the wrong word; "Mores Maiorum" would be better, or perhaps "Struggles". It's the whole idea of struggle against death, against murderers, against the deceivers and manipulators. But no, "ideals" IS the right word - Conan's selfish life is a fantasy of a powerful, healthy, independent, endangered, irresistably strong being. It is the Fascist/Nietschean fantasy of The Will, which inevitably appeals to young men - at least, young men like me. The more so since I'm none of that. If Plato had been right, I'd be built on a Type like that.

But, back to the book tonight - we've got Picts to worry about....


I know, I know. I'm relatively feeble; I'm too sensitive, and not too sharp.

AND - worst of all! - I'm spoiled; I've "had it too easy". That is all I ever hear from Right-wingers, Left-wingers, hot-shots, malcontents, as well as my OWN conscience.

"You're not extreme! You're not courageous!"

But I am near 60 years old and NOT likely to improve a whole lot in this area.

Besides, I'm one hundred percent MORE courageous and able to get by than I was at age 16 or 20. That counts, even if it doesn't make me into a war hero or a brilliant, hard-nosed academic.

Just needed to say that.

And also: Down with Hitler, up with Léon Blum! Atque etiam Carthago retinenda est....

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I just found an old blog entry that tickled me - blogger Captain Kosmos back in 2006 was also blogging of Space Fantasies of the sort I loved as a kid, and in particular he had good words to say about Space Angel, a favorite of my childhood.

His site is:

The hero of Space Angel was Scott McCloud. (No, not the guy who writes about comics!)

And here was his ship, the superbly sleek Starduster !!!

They just don't make 'em - well, draw 'em - like that anymore.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

"The Muse: Love Profaned..." [Very good blog-entry by Mike Hoffman, March 28, 2013]

Mike Hoffman, March 28, 2013:

The Muse: Love Profaned...:   There are dangers inherent in living in the Technosphere.  Right now, the Technosphere involves three things: people (you), Money and Machin...