Friday, November 5, 2010


(& Their Friends the Communists, Islamo-Fascists, NAZI's, whoever)

As I see it:
These people will always control the rest of us. They love their business suits, their intrigues, their power-plays and their backstabbing; they consider force and abuse as meritorious habits, and reflection and apprehension as failings. In any society aiming at "progress", they will inevitably usurp the positions of power and make progress an exercise in domination and control. They are as attracted to money, control and superiority as dogs are to meat. They will claim to be simple men even as they despise simplicity; they will claim to be defenders of freedom even as they systematically eliminate it wherever they can. They are what they are, and that is who they are.

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Old Mr. Still Struggling with Ceaseless Chaos said...

That said, one has to remember that generalities are fictions, that only individuals exist -- even if one argues that generalities (as ideas) are real.
If there's war, whom do we rely on? To a large degree, these kind of people. When the Hitlers, Stalins, and Ahmedinejads start strutting, who can give them the basilisk stare? These sorts of people.
So they are a natural part of the super-organism -- a liability, but also a resource, in extremis. Can you fight a war with Liberal intellectuals and pseudo-intellectuals? The problem is, once these people get power, you will have nothing but war -- against smaller countries, against other big countries, against citizens and employees, etc.